Central Point of Contact & Touring Office

Central Point of Contact & Touring Office

Berlin‘s independent performing arts community enjoys a first-class reputation internationally. The Performing Arts Program is the Central Point of Contact for visiting industry professionals from throughout Germany and abroad as well as for everyone else looking to come into contact with Berlin‘s independent performing arts community. Here, communication competence is connected with a solid foundation of knowledge about Berlin‘s artists, performance venues and their current schedules of programming. The Central Point of Contact makes connections, answers individual requests and organizes professional visits within the cultural landscape.

The Performing Arts Program also promotes the (inter)national visibility of independent Berlin-based artists, initiatives and organizations beyond the city limits. The Touring Office provides insight into Berlin‘s vibrant independent performing arts community at national and international trade fairs and network events, organizes trips and invites artists and culture makers to present themselves and their work at shared trade fair booths.

The Performing Arts Guide provides an overview of performance venues, festivals, initiatives and industry events within Berlin‘s diverse independent performing arts community, both as an always up-to-date online platform as well as in the form of an annual publication.


Belén Marinato
belen.marinato [at] pap-berlin.de

Catherine Launay
catherine.launay [at] pap-berlin.de