Information Center & Mentoring

Information Center & Mentoring

From legal and tax advice to experienced production managers to marketing and concept strategists: the Information Center of the Performing Arts Program is, with its wide-ranging pool of experts, the central and first stop for all questions concerning independent artistic work as well as production and funding opportunities.

Artists working in all fields of the performing arts receive support at individual consultation as well as workshops and events free of charge here.

Artists find a sustainable form of qualification and support in the mentoring program. Over the course of individual advisement sessions, mentors provide their expertise and allow their mentees to benefit from their experiences. Seminars and workshops dealing with freely selected special points of focus round out the professional further education and bring the participants together to exchange.

Additionally we offer special events for experts with the goal of updating and broadening comprehensive and relevant areas of knowledge as well as refining and expanding methods for the transfer of knowledge.

Handbook: Working Independently

Collective, Networked, Solidary – A Handbook on Work Structures in the Independent Performing Arts: Our handbook presents seven working models, explains the accompanying legal forms and formulates texts for work forms.

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Freie Szene Kompass

Only in German

The offer is supplemented by the Freie Szene Kompass, an online guidebook that provides a detailed overview of points of contact, funding options, performance venues, cultural policy initiatives, residency programs as well as production and press offices in Berlin.


Information Center
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