We will again provide advice over the course of individual sessions regarding production- and distribution-relevant information such as funding instruments and submitting applications for funding, the development of concepts and marketing strategies as well as answering legal, insurance or financial questions involving contracts, the KSK (Künstlersozialkasse, the German public social insurance fund for artists) and life as a freelancer working in the arts. In addition, our experts will support those seeking advice with genre-specific concerns as well as with questions regarding professional networking and professional development. By constantly expanding the services we are offering, we are doing our best to optimally react to the current needs and questions of our participants.

Due to the current situation, we are offering all of our advisement formats as well as our advisement formats for newcomers either digitally or over the phone.

The best way to contact us to register for sessions or to ask questions is by sending an email to: beratung [at]


Advisors: Christin Eckart / Fatima Caliskan (PAP Performing Knowledge)
Time: By arrangement

The advice for newcomers offers insight into Berlin’s independent performing arts community for all interested parties and provides an initial orientation for how to get started. It provides an overview of the consultation and qualification offers of the Performing Arts Program and also informs about offers from cooperation partners. The individual consultations last for 2 hours.

Christin Eckart

Building upon the Guides to Berlin’s Independent Arts Community project, which was initiated in 2019, we are offering multilingual initial advisement sessions to international artists and culture makers who are new in Berlin and looking to begin working within the independent performing arts community.
The guides are multilingual artists who are experienced within Berlin’s independent performing arts community and who have excellent networks. They are very happy to answer questions during with working as a freelancer in Germany, relevant networks and topics such as the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK, the German public insurance fund for artists) in their native languages. At the moment, Frederika Tsai (Chinese) and Urszula Heuwinkel (Polish) are available for individual advisement sessions and we are happy to refer you to cooperating advisement structures for the languages Arabic, French, Russian and Turkish.

Guides to Berlin’s Independent Performing Arts Community is based on a project realized in 2019 in cooperation with the advisement structures Music Pool, Lettrétage e. V. (the project Schreiben & leben) and the artist advisement program in Kulturwerk of bbk berlin GmbH.
More information via lotsinnen [at]


Advisors: Mareike Holtz (ehrliche arbeit), Francesca Spisto, Esther Vorwerk, Katharina von Wilcke
Languages: German / English / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian
Time: By arrangement

Esther Vorwerk, Katharina von Wilcke

Advisor: Eva Hartmann, Catherine Launay, Esther Vorwerk
Languages: German / English / French
Time: By arrangement

How do I effectively position myself within the community, how do I combine my personal and professional strengths? The goal of the consultation is to create a safe, supportive and challenging framework in which those receiving consultation can examine and experience their own development. The consultation is intended to help understand and overcome obstacles and blocks in order to effectively and successfully reach one's goals.

Eva Hartmann, Catherine Launay, Esther Vorwerk

Advisor: Melmun Bajarchuu
Time: By arrangement

This individual advisement session is intended for artists and culture makers working in various areas of the independent performing arts who have had negative experiences due to being designated as “other”, “different”, “exotic”, et cetera on the basis of their alleged “origin”, their “appearance” or similar labels. This also includes people who are affected by multiple kinds of discrimination. This individual advisement session is also available for those who are uncertain as to the type and extent to which they have received unfavorable treatment. If desired, strategies for action can be shared, networking opportunities can be provided and additional professionalization can be made available independent from tokenization as an “artist of color”. The goal of the advisement session is the empowerment of artists and culture makers who are affected by marginalization. 
The advisement session can be provided in German, English, French, Finnish, Mongolian and Spanish.

Melmun Bajarchuu

Advisor: Banafshe Hourmazdi
Time: By arrangement

How can I react to (institutional) racism and sexism within my work environment? What rights and obligations do I have with regard to contracting authorities or event organizers? The goal of this advisement session is to function as an initial point of contact for members of the independent performing arts community in the event that conflicts or situations occur within the context of the workplace in which various power structures and power mechanisms become visible. The advisement session is intended to help to ensure that structural problems are no longer contextualized between individuals and in terms of individual conflicts, but instead that they can be dealt with using the help of an external position for reflection.

Advisor: Frederika Tsai
Time: By arrangement

The advisement session is intended for artists and culture makers who are new to Berlin and / or are new to working in artistic professions. The focus of the advisement session is placed on providing information and on supporting solidary action within the context of work environments. What is the state of the general advisement infrastructure in Berlin in terms of support for dealing with racism and sexism? Where I can find appropriate support for my situation as an independent artist or culture makers since the working methods and working models of the independent performing arts community are not necessarily widely known outside of the community? What strategies can I draw upon if I observe racist or sexist actions during the working process or if I suspect racism or sexism? The goal of the advisement session is to help artists and culture makers to develop practical courses of action for themselves and, if applicable, to pass these on to colleagues.

Frederika Tsai

Advisors: Susanne Schuster (OutOfTheBox), Julian Kamphausen (Performing Arts Programm Berlin)
Time: By arrangement

Digital strategies and tools are becoming increasingly important within the performing arts. There are however, a huge number of questions that need to be answered: which digital formats work best for which teams? Which formats are most appropriate for which providers? What basic framework conditions such as duration of the event, accompanying text-based chat or use of microphones / cameras have proven to be most helpful? What payment methods can I use for online events? Answers to basic questions regarding video conference information, webinars, live streams, social media streams and more can also be answered over the course of this advisement session.

Julian Kamphausen

Advisor: Catherine Launay
Time: By arrangement

Are you looking to realize your project at multiple locations and reach new and different audience groups? Do you want experts to become aware of you and your work?
What kind of systematic and proactive strategy is necessary in order to create this "visibility" and be noticed by the public? And what tools, methods and activities do you need for this?
How I do search for suitable performance locations? How do I get into contact with the performance venues? What kind of publicity material is necessary? How do I use the initial performances to invite programmers and get them interested in my project? How do I shape my distribution list, maintain it and expand it? What does the budget for a guest performance look like?

Catherine Launay

Advisor: Catherine Launay
Time: By arrangement

Would you like to coproduce a project together with a partner abroad and/or organize an international tour for your project?
How do I adapt my strategy and my activities to the different cultural and legal contexts?
Thanks my many years of practical experience working with partners in France, I can support you in the professionalization of your activities: I can advise you can how to shape your search for new cooperation partners and thus give yourself the foundation for an individual network. Why do you want to give your project an international context? What exactly about it could especially interest a partner abroad?
How can you find out about corresponding institutions and their representatives abroad? How do you find relevant networks and suitable contact partners for your needs? What financing and support programs exist? What framework conditions must be kept in mind when organizing performances abroad? (Legal guidelines, declaration obligations, receiving visas and work permission, social protection and replacement procedures, international contracts, international taxation).

Catherine Launay

Advisor: Madlen Stange
Time: By arrangement

Self-positioning is one of the central questions that one must answer in order to successfully develop a project and more fully establish it. Where do I stand? Where does my project stand? And where can I dock this topic within various societal areas or discourses? Self-presentation and PR work are also important if you intend to present the project to potential funders. In my consultation session, I can also provide support for sharpening your profile as well as to effectively make use of potential with well-planned media work and networking – and perhaps it makes sense to look at some of the strategies of the big players? And if you have questions about topics like PR and press work, the acquisition of funding from third parties or networking (throughout Germany or throughout Europe), you have come to the right place.

Madlen Stange

Advisor: Janne Harnischfeger
Time: By arrangement

Do you have an idea for a production and cannot make progress in specifying the idea in order to be able to begin with the conceptual work? Are you unable to communicate the idea because the critical parameters for a specific conceptual elaboration are missing?

With the help of a specific analysis method, ideas and visions will be specified and their essence will be determined. An idea can grow with the help of associative links and disassociations. Individually or as a group, you will generate an image for your project and find the right words for bringing you closer to your goal.

Group sessions (4 hours) or individual advisement sessions (2 hours) are possible.

Janne Harnischfeger

Advisor: Janne Harnischfeger
Time: By arrangement

You want to take new steps? A decision has been made and it needs an initial impulse?
We will develop specific courses of action in the advisement session. Existing resources will be revealed and strategies will be developed for realizing and implement them. An overview can be generated on the basis of a network analysis from which personal and professional contacts can result in additional work opportunities and new paths. We will position the various inner voices that make themselves known during decision-making as your "inner team" that will help you to achieve clarity.

Janne Harnischfeger

Advisor: Jana Korb
Time: By arrangement

Are you circus artists and you would like to make the leap to your own productions?
Do you want to develop a piece in which you work with circus artists?
Circus arts and the form of circus are finally seen as serious art forms in Germany, but these artists usually come from the field of show business and are poorly acquainted with the independent performing arts community.
Over the course of individual advisement sessions, we will answer your individual questions, provide support for your financial questions, give you information about funding strategies, help with special matters regarding insurance and tax issues for artists as well as deal with your questions regarding rigging, safety and more.
The individual advisement sessions can also include networking with Berlin's circus community, rehearsal spaces and performance venues.

Please register and provide a brief of summary of your questions via email to: beratung [at] (beratung(at)

Jana Korb

Advisor: Silvia Albarella
Time: By arrangement

What are the special characteristics of working within the independent performing arts community for stage and costume designers?
How can one work well without permanent structures (scene shops, costume shops, et cetera) and correspondingly plan to take this into account? What networks, forums and collections already exist?
This expert advisement session is intended to help artists (set and costume designers, but also artistic directors and performers) to calculate the budget necessary for scenography. The expert advisement session also provides comprehensive information about various opportunities for study and practical experience and provides help on the search for suitable internships/assistantships for newcomers and those just starting out.

You are welcome to register with a project (questions, concept, stage and costume design sketches) by sending an email to: beratung [at] (beratung(at)

Silvia Albarella

Advisor: Tom Timmerhoff
Time and location: By arrangement

There are thousands of funding programs from the EU, German federal government, German state governments, foundations and alternative options for financing projects. It is almost impossible to know all of them and anyone without an overview loses themselves during the search. This often means the end of the project. How can one develop an individual fundraising strategy? What is necessary and how can you assess and improve your own fundraising skills? Funding opportunities for the participant's respective project will be explored during the individual expert consultations.

Tom Timmerhoff

Advisor: Heike Scharpff
Time and location: By arrangement

From an economic standpoint, the independent performing arts are a very uncertain field. Even the most artistically successful are rarely able to financially survive from their artistic work.
How long am I prepared to remain in this precarious situation? How can I reposition myself professionally? What other sources of income can I establish for myself with my existing competencies? What kind of additional training could serve as a foundation for this?
Heike Scharpff, psychologist and director, advises artist who find themselves at the crossroads of artistic creation and precarious economic conditions.

Heike Scharpff