Activating Resources in Lockdown

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18. January 2021 | 10:00 -

Activating Resources in Lockdown

With Janne Harnischfeger (psychologist)

Language: German, questions can also be asked in English

How can I further develop myself artistically? How is my network doing? What options do I have for action? In times where the performing arts have been brought nearly to a standstill, this workshop provides a space where individual sources of strength and network resources can be examined in a small group. Methods will be taught that can be used to generate a comprehensive overview of personal and professional resources and an overview of one’s network of social contacts as well as to obtain suggestions for the best possible networking. A special form of a one-on-one conversation will help to specifically formulate and set a goal.


Janne Harnischfeger was born in 1983 in Hamburg and is a certified psychologist with a specialization in clinical psychology and psychology in the workplace. She worked in the area of group processes in the field of research, advisement and continuing education. A passion for theater and dance and for working with performing artists led her to initiate a performance program at Fusion Festival which she has presented each year there ever since. She moved from Hamburg to Berlin in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 she spent two years working as a psychology teacher at a school of education. She began additional training as a psychotherapist using a depth psychology approach in 2015. She worked as a group therapist at an outpatient clinic in 2017. She has conducted psychoanalytical treatments within the scope of her further education as a psychotherapist.

She has worked as an advisor in the Performing Arts Program since 2015 with a focus on the self-clarification of individual goals as well as the specification of artistic ideas. She also provides support for the mentoring programs.

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