Let’s connect! Networking of Decentralized Cultural Organizations

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24. April 2023 | 16:00 -
SPREEHALLE Berlin, Reinbeckstr. 16, 12459 Berlin

Let’s connect! Networking of Decentralized Cultural Organizations

With Eric Nikodym (managing director of YMUSIC GmbH, responsible for the SPREEHALLE), SchöneVibes Kollektiv

Many organizers of cultural events in Berlin are aware of the difficulty of reaching a broad audience beyond larger and established locations. The pandemic made this problem even worse and demonstrated how important visibility and communication methods are in a city where the number of cultural events on offer are as comprehensive as they are hard to keep track of as things are in the German capital. In doing so, the impression can arise that the operators of theater, clubs or event venues are working as lone wolves, always advertising to the same target group that seems to be growing smaller with every day.

In order to work against this phenomenon in Schöneweide, the southeastern part of Berlin, a variety of initiatives and event organizers are making an attempt not only to network around the SchöneVibes Kollektiv and the Spreehalle, but also to develop a joint communication. This is intended to provide this cultural location with more visibility also beyond its own immediate neighborhood as well as to get an audience from the central districts excited about what is going on in the urban environment of Berlin. Internally, this coordinated exchange is the basis for a concentrated schedule of programming in the location of Schöneweide that does not compete with itself and is as clear as it is challenging.

Together, we would like to enter into conversation with the initiatives and people in similar situations and discuss the opportunities and challenges. What experiences have you had in your neighborhood? What has worked? What has not?

In German spoken language

Register by April 20 to: redaktion [at] proberaumplattform-berlin.de