Rehearsal Space Café: Rental Law 101

Berlin Rehearsal Space Platform
Network Event
26. October 2020 | 10:30 -

Rehearsal Space Café: Rental Law 101

On October 26, we’ll meet up (digitally) with the commercial rental law expert Stefan Klein from Kiezgewerbe. Over the course of a compact dialogue, we will start off with the foundations of commercial rental conditions, followed by discussions of various aspects - from protection against increases in rent to the effects of the current and ongoing coronavirus pandemic on ongoing contracts.

Stefan Klein is a lawyer. His primary focus has been commercial rental law since 2015. He is an academic associate in the German Bundestag and managing partner of KIGE Kiezgewerbe UG, a public interest consultation firm for commercial tenants threatened by displacement that is supported by the Office for Business Development of the District of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

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The Rehearsal Space Café is the Stammtisch, or regulars' table, for space providers throughout the city, providing an opportunity to converse with colleagues about the everyday joys and burdens of "offering space", learning about which solutions others have developed to deal with identical problems, to network and to discuss the occupancy rate and prices. To be brief, to discuss everything that concerns you in a pleasant round of like-minded colleagues.


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The contents of this event are expressly oriented around the questions of the participants. With this in mind, we ask you to state the topics most relevant to you and/or to provide us with specific questions upon registration for the event.