Symposium 2018: Working Independently – Models, Structure and Future


Symposium 2018: Working Independently – Models, Structure and Future

Successful working methods and models have been formed in independent work that vary strongly from the structures found in institutions. Working independently means working differently and autonomously. What can working, producing and creating independently looks like and what basic conditions are required for new forms?

Over the course of an initial survey, we will examine the various models both in terms of communication structures, decision-making processes and artist feedback as well as in terms of the legal foundations of these models.

Artists and production collectives as well as performance venues within the independent performing arts community will present their working models to us. From a sociological perspective, Lisa Basten (WZB Berlin Social Science Center) will examine the critical components of new working models and how work forms and production methods of artists and culture makers could be reinterpreted as a neoliberal model in order to force the working individual into permanent increases in efficiency and self-optimization. Collective work processes are the focus of a discussion, in which differences and similarities between art and business are researched from the artistic perspective as well as from the theory and practice of New Work. The participants are invited to exchange experiences.

Schedule of Events

09:30 am: Arrival, registration, coffee & croissants

10:00 am: Welcome, presentation of the hosts and the schedule of events

10:30 am:  Brief presentations by

  • Eva Hartmann, Sean Patten: Gob Squad
  • Anka Belz, Elena Polzer: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro
  • David Schellenberg, Myriam Oosterkamp: Traumschüff – Theater im Fluss
  • André Krüger: Autorenkombinat Kommando Torben B.
  • Jessica Jorgas: Glaspalast
  • Wolfgang Stüßel: Theater Strahl Berlin
  • Anna Koch, France-Elena Damian: TAK, Theater im Aufbau Haus
  • Cilgia Gadola: Sophiensaele

1:00 pm: Lunch break

2:00 pm: Presentation by Lisa Basten (WZB, author of the book: Wir Kreative. Das Selbstverständnis einer Branche We Creatives. The Self-Image of an Industry)

3:00 pm: "Freie Szene meets New Work" Discussion about collective work in art and business. With: Sean Patten (Gob Squad), Jacqueline Jorgas (agile coach, Disrupt Consulting), Sonja Laaser (lawyer) and all participants of the Symposium.  

5:00 pm: Final input and preview of the coming steps by Janina Benduski and Therese Schmidt (Performing Arts Program) and Sonja Laaser (attorney).

5:30 pm: Aperitif and closing

At 7 pm the George Tabori award ceremony will start at the HAU. Anyone who has registered and is curious about the award winners can take a walk with us to the HAU.