Thematic Series: Working In A Collective I - One For All, All For One

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3. May 2023 | 14:00 -

Thematic Series: Working In A Collective I - One For All, All For One

With Eva Hartmann (coach, producer, manager)

Working in a collective is generally very nice, frequently necessary and sometimes also quite stressful and time-consuming. While some may prefer to work as soloists, working in a collective has clearly proven itself to be a good choice for others since it naturally has a lot of advantages: responsibility, decision-making and, simply, work can be spread out amongst multiple persons, costs such as can be shared and difficult conversations with funding institutions can be conducted together. Besides, artistic exchange and fun are both included free of charge!

We will take a look at the challenges of working in a collection in this thematic series. The events can be attended independently from each other.
In the beginning workshop, the primary focus is placed on what it actually means to work as a collective: does it mean that everyone has their tasks (and do they choose them themselves or are they assigned?) or does everyone do everything? At the end of the day, is there only one person who makes a decision or how can (efficient) decision making be handled in a group? How are tasks fairly distributed and remunerated? What difficulties can arise and what benefits does a collective working structure offer?

In German spoken language, it is possible to ask questions and make comments using English spoken language.

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