Advisement and Qualification Opportunities for Advisors/Experts and Mentors

Advisement and Qualification Opportunities for Advisors/Experts and Mentors

The advisement and qualification opportunities provided by the Berlin Performing Arts Program are fully dependent upon the knowledge and practical experience of the advisers and mentors. In order to support them in their work and in order to be able to continuously further develop services for the independent performing arts community, we offer special events and qualification formats that are available only to advisers and mentors with the goal of updating and broadening comprehensive and relevant areas of knowledge as well as refining and expanding methods for the transfer of knowledge.
For example, up-to-date knowledge about legal guidelines as well as the cultural policy contexts of funding programs is provided over the course of information events. Advisement-relevant competencies such as the design and structuring of qualification formats can be further developed over the course of workshops.
In addition, regular meetings also serve to support the networking of the participants. In doing so, they can also present their respective expertise and advisements concentrations to their colleagues: Who can do what? Who has what focus? And who can I possibly offer as a referral within my own advisement sessions?
In addition, we began providing an opportunity for advisers in April 2020 to be observed by a colleague during advisement sessions, seminars or workshops and then received feedback.


We are always looking for new experts/consultants!
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